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Welcome to chat leap, here we have some of the best chat rooms on the internet, our website hosts chat rooms that people from all  over the world come to, we have one of the biggest network of chat rooms on the web, these include adult chat rooms, singles chat rooms, teen chat rooms , regional chat rooms, free chat rooms and last of all gay chat rooms, as you can see we cater for almost any chatting room you would like to visit

Chat leap is a site that boasts adult chat rooms, these types of chat rooms are for the over 18's that want to come and chat with other adults, we dont have any rules as such in these adult rooms just simply that you respect other chatters and staff, we also have singles chat rooms where people from all over come to chat to other singles, maybe to find friends that are in the same situation or maybe to find that special person to share your life with.

We also have regional chat rooms which are for people who want to chat to other users that are in the same area as them maybe to meet up for coffee or a date, regional chat rooms are for all people from all the world that want to chat to people from a more localised area, what ever your reason for coming to chat at chat leap we will cater for all needs.

Here at chat leap we want you to stay safe while chatting on any of our chat rooms so we ask that you dont give out any personal information while on the main chat rooms ie: phone number, address, real name, dont forget that everyone can see this information,if you would like to give an individual any personal information then please use the private message featuren that is available.

Finally we would like to welcome you to chat leap and hope you enjoy your stay and we will look forward to seeing you again, if you like our chat rooms you can like us on facebook by clicking the like button at the top of the page and this way you can invite all your friends to come and chat together in on place.

adult chat rooms
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